Bolsover Castle Terrace - illustrated reconstruction

Illustrated reconstrution of Bolsover Castle Terrace Range, Derbyshire, England

Bolsover Castle Terrace Range, Derbyshire - illustrated reconstruction
(English Heritage Guidebooks)
Built between 1620 and 1660 as a place of aristocratic reception and entertainment by William Cavendish, the 1st Duke of Newcastle. King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria were entertained here in 1634. William was a royalist supporter and following a period of exile after defeat at the Battle of Marston Moor during the Civil War, he returned to Bolsover to alter the State Apartments and to build the magnificent Riding House range – the earliest surviving example in England. In this building horses were trained in the art of Manège.
English Heritage commissioned me to produce two cutaway reconstruction illustrations of Bolsover Castle; the Little Castle (c. 1630) and the Terrace Range  (c. 1670) for publication in a new visitor guidebook (ISBN 978 1 84802 111 2).
Bolsover Castle Terrace Range reconstruction (c. 1660). © English Heritage
Bolsover Castle Terrace Range reconstruction (c. 1660). © English Heritage
The illustrations are published in the Bolsover Castle Guidebook by English Heritage (ISBN 978 1 84802 111 2)
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