Eileach an Naoimh Monastery illustrated reconstruction

An illustrated reconstruction of the early Christian monastery of Eileach an Naoimh as it may have looked in the early 8th century.

Eileach an Naoimh Monastery, Scotland - illustrated reconstruction
(Historic Scotland)
An artistic impression of the Christian monastery on the small island of Eileach an Naoimh as it might have looked like in the early 8th century. The illustration depicts a noble family landing ashore in small boats and being met by the inhabitant monks. The nobles are paying a pilgrimage to a holy site associated with St Brendan the Navigator, one of the pioneers of Christianity in this part of the world. Eileach an Naoimh is thought to be the resting place of Eithne - the mother of Saint Columba.

The illustration was commissioned by Historic Scotland and took me about three weeks to produce working mainly in Photoshop using archaeologist's notes, old map drawings and some [not very good] photos for references. I was unable to visit the island in person due to its extreme remoteness. A shame as it feels like an amazing kind of place to visit!

Images copyright © Historic Scotland.
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