Geology Illustrations

Geology illustrations

Geology Illustrations
Caithness Horizons Museum, Thurso
This project involved the creation of a series of graphic animations for the Caithness Horizons museum project in Thurso.

At the time of the Devonian period (391 million years ago) the far Northwest tip of Scotland and Orkney were partially submerged underneath a freshwater lake known as Lake Orcadie. My animation explains visually how erosion and the rising and falling of the lake level over millions of years gradually left layers of sand and alluvial deposits on the lake bed forming the famous Caithness sandstone we know today. The fossilised remains of prehistoric fish which became trapped in these layers of mud and sand can be found in large numbers in the area. 

The illustrations which I produced were made with the help and assistance of British Geological Survey, Edinburgh. The animation runs on a vertically-oriented widescreen display together with a timeline to one side of the screen to provide the viewer with an indication of when these geological events took place.

Produced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Terragen
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