Kilmun Collegiate Church - illustrated reconstruction

Illustrated reconstruction of Kilmun Collegiate Church, Kilmun Parish Church and early Christian settlement.

Kilmun Collegiate Church, Argyllshire - illustrated reconstruction
(Argyll Mausloeum Ltd. / Aaron Lawton Associates)
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I produced this mid-15th century cutaway reconstruction of Kilmun Collegiate Church which is located on the north shore of the Holy Loch in Argyll, Scotland.
The medieval church was built by Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochawe and here it stood until the late 18th century when it was partly demolished to make way for a newer church and mausoleum which was built upon its predecessor's foundations by Thomas Burns. The only surviving structure from the original church is the now dilapidated ruin of the tower (now a Scheduled Ancient Monument) which would have been a residence for the church's provost or dean and fellow canons or chaplains.
There are few references as to what the former church actually looked like. A loose sketch plan drawing by Archibald, the 9th Earl of Argyll in 1670 appears to show the church's general arrangement although there wasn't nearly enough detail in this to base an accurate reconstruction. It is from this drawing, and with the help of experts with specialist knowledge of medieval Scottish church architecture that I was able to create this impression of what the church once may have looked like.
I referenced the architectural features of several other churches which were built around about the same period including: Castle Semple Collegiate Church in Renfrewshire, Crichton Collegiate Church in Midlothian, Dunglass and Seton Collegiate Churches in East Lothian and St Marnock's Church, Fowlis Easter in Tayside.
Kilmun Parish Church, Argyllshire - illustration

As well as the reconstruction, I produced a contemporary (21st century) illustration of the parish church and churchyard. This illustration was made to reflect modern landscape alterations to the site which provide easier access for visitors. It is also intended to help orientate visitors to the site upon arrival where a modern shelter in the car park houses a set of interpretation panels.
Kilmun Parish Church and Argyll Mausoleum illustration.
Kilmun has many interesting headstones as well as being the burial place for the Dukes and Earls of Argyll, Chiefs of the Clan Campbell from the 14th century until 1949.
Kilmun - early Christian settlement - illustrated reconstruction
I also produced an impression of an earlier Christian community at Kilmun whuch was founded on or near the site of the present day church by the monk Fintan Munna (Mun) around about the 6th-7th century.
I am grateful to Professor Richard Fawcett (University of St Andrews) and Dr. Sally Foster (University of Aberdeen) for their kind help and guidance with these projects.
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